Highlights For Children And Families

It has not been easy to be a kid during the pandemic. Since there will again be less hustle and bustle on the Landiwiese, we have invited all the more shows for children and families to the Zürcher Theater Spektakel this year. 

In Alexander Vantournhout's «Screws», five dance acrobats turn the relation between bodies and objects upside down and challenge the laws of physics, Fundus Theater from Hamburg invites children to experience the effects of sugar with seven sweets, Zurich company Kolypan celebrates its 20th anniversary with a big open-air revue, choreographer Lea Moro presents her first piece for children, and Martin Zimmermann haunts a rubbish dump.

Additionally, the Röhrlibar offers playgrounds, a sirup bar and hot dogs and more on the Landiwiese.