We are inclusive

Inclusion matters to us. We consider the label «Kultur inklusiv» we were awarded last year by the department «Kultur inklusiv» of Pro Infirmis a noble obligation. We ensure that people with disabilities can partake in the festival by putting in place practical proposals and measures that will aid them. This is made possible by the generous funding of the «Denk an mich» Foundation. Here is an overview of the different measures.

For visually-impaired

Tactile models


The tactile models installed at the main entrances helps visually-impaired visitors to find their way around the festival site.

Performances with audio description

The visually-impaireds benefit from performances with audio description.


For the hearing-impaired

The venues Werft, Nord, Süd and Saal are equipped with induction loops for the hearing-impaired and a great number of theater performances in foreign languages have German and/or English surtitles.

For people with restricted mobility

The entire festival site as well as all venues, restaurants and bars are accessible for people with restricted mobility. All venues are equipped with wheelchair places which can be booked in advance on phone 044 415 15 50 or contact@theaterspektakel.dont-want-spam.ch .

Additionally, there are three disabled restrooms – one of them with Euro-Key (near open-air stage Zentral) providing appropriate sanitary facilities for people with special needs.

Assisting people

The tickets for assistants to people with disabilities are free of charge. They need to be reserved in goot time on phone 044 415 15 50 or contact@theaterspektakel.dont-want-spam.ch and can be picked up at the Landiwiese box office, desk for special tickets.

Programme information

The website of the Theater Spektakel is accessible to visually impared people.