Information for media representatives

Services of the media office

We appreciate your interest in the Zürcher Theater Spektakel. With great pleasure we provide you with text and photo material, organise interviews with the artists or the festival management and are at your disposal for the following media issues:

•    Accreditations, press tickets (information and accreditation form see below)
•    Photo material (via Dropbox)
•    Video material
•    Information about the companies
•    Information about the festival
•    Application for interviews
•    Accreditation of press photographers
•    Orders of current photo material by the festival photographer
•    Appointments for interviews
•    Appointments for photo shootings and rehearsal visits
•    Appointments for film shootings
•    Press kit of the companies (please order timely)

Please let us know your requests as soon as possible, preferably by email:

Accreditation and press tickets

For accreditation and press tickets please fill in the web-form  and send it until Monday 6 August 2018 to

Please note the following conditions:

  • Press tickets are only issued to reporting journalists.
  • Only one press ticket is issued per media and production.
  • Upon request and subject to availability, an additional ticket can be purchased.
  • No additional tickets are available for premieres.
  • You receive a confirmation of your order via email informing you also on the availability of additional tickets.
  • Only in exceptional cases and at the latest 48 hours before the performance date can press tickets be exchanged or returned.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of press tickets ordered.
  • Press tickets can be picked up at the info desk at the entrance area as of Thursday 16 August at 17.00 hrs each day. (Opening day at 16.00 hrs)
  • Ordered and unclaimed press tickets will be invoiced.


Photo material for all productions is available upon request via Dropbox.
Pictures of the Zurich performances made by our festival photographer Christian Altorfer are available on the day following the performance as of 13:00 hrs approximately.
Please let us know your requests by email or phone. Check right column for addresses.
All pictures used to cover the festival are free of charge.

Audio and video recordings

Please note that all audio and video recordings (TV, video and photography) during the performances on the festival site need to be authorized by the press office.



Media contact

Zürcher Theater Spektakel
Media relations
as of now till Mon 3 September 2018
phone direct +41 44 415 15 34
phone office +41 44 415 15 50