Fatima Moumouni & Laurin Buser

Late Night Show


Last year, the programme «Gold» by the slam poetry duo Laurin Buser and Fatima Moumouni impressed their audiences with highly-spirited and equally urgent wordplay. Now, they have devised a late night show exclusively for the Theater Spektakel: They become the spoken-word duett Zum Goldenen Schmied, then the rap combo Nuggets and last, but not least, two critical voices making acute observations on current affairs.

The Late Night Show of Fatima Moumouni & Laurin Buser is part of the DeZentral-Programme. Daily, the DeZentral bus, packed with simple equipment, barrier tape and an announcement board, will stop in a Zurich district and a variety of artists will present a short pop-up programme throughout the week. This could be circus theatre, dance, artistry or clowning. During weekends, there will be concerts and on Saturdays, a late-night format.

Around the corner

Late Night Show


60 mins.




mandatory via ticketing (see below)
The venue will be announced by mail at short notice

Protective measure

Minimum distancing cannot be met, contact tracing



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