ZKB Prizes 2019: Congratulations!

On Saturday 1 September, the Zurich mayor Corine Mauch and Dr. János Blum, presidium member of the Zürcher Kantonalbank, have awarded the ZKB Patronage Prize (30 000 Swiss Francs), the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize (5000 Swiss Francs) and the ZKB Audience Prize (10 000 Swiss Francs).

The jury consisted of the international experts Michelle Akanji (director and culture publicist, Switzerland), Marta Keil (curator and dramaturge, Poland), Lea Moro (choreographer and dancer, Switzerland) and Luisa Pardo (theatre producer, Mexico). Unfortunately, the festival director and producer Asiimwe Deborah Kawe from Uganda couldn't participate for health reasons. The jury have watched a total of 15 productions, eight of which Short Pieces nominated for the Acknowledgement Prize. The jury has taken the following unanimous decisions. For the extended version of the jury's statements check here

ZKB Patronage Prize 2019

Der ZKB Patronage Prize goes to the Australien theatre makers Samara Hersch & Lara Thoms for their political engaged theatre performance «We All Know What's Happening».

ZKB Acknowledgement Prize 2019

The ZKB Acknowledgement Prize is awarded to the Ukrainian artist Ira Melkonyan and the Rubberbodies Collective for their performative installation «Upstairs Geology 50/50».

ZKB Audience Prize 2019

For the first time since the creation of the Audience Prize, the jury and the audience have been on the same page: With a clear majority, the spectators also voted for «We All Know What’s Happening» by Samara Hersch & Lara Thoms and give a clear statement for a theatre show, which addresses a burning political issue, identifies social imbalances and stages them with unique artistic means.