ZKB Prizes 2018

The award ceremony was presented by the actress Beren Tuna. (Photo: ZTS/Christian Altorfer)

On Saturday 1 September, the Zurich mayor Corine Mauch and Dr. János Blum, presidium member of the Zürcher Kantonalbank, have awarded the ZKB Patronage Prize (30 000 Swiss Francs), the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize (5000 Swiss Francs) and the ZKB Audience Prize (10 000 Swiss Francs).

The jury, consisting of the international experts Reem Allam (cultural manager, Cairo), Johanna Hilari (theatre and dance scholar, Berne), Kyoko Iwaki (theatre critic and curator, Tokyo), Catarina Saraiva (curator and dramaturge, Lisbon) and Miriam Walther Kohn (director and artistic activist, Zurich), have watched a total of 15 productions, eight of which Short Pieces nominated for the Acknowledgement Prize. The jury has taken the following unanimous decisions. For the extended version of the jury's statements check here

ZKB Patronage Prize 2018

Der ZKB Patronage Prize goes to the Belgian duo Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere for their engaged, multi-layered documentary theatre performance «Mining Stories».

ZKB Acknowledgement Prize 2018

The ZKB Acknowledgement Prize is awarded to the Moroccan duo Youness Atbane & Youness Aboulakoul, whose performance «The Architects» pleasurably exposes how art and market collude.

ZKB Audience Prize 2018

The festival audiences again demonstrated how much they love circus productions: The young Australian quintet Casus Circus with «Driftwood» took the spectators by storm and is awarded the Audience Prize of 10 000 Swiss Francs.