Workshop with Boris Charmatz for professional dancers

Date: Wednesday 28 to Saturday 31 August 2019

Venue: Zürcher Theater Spektakel, festival site Landiwiese, Zurich

Duration: Daily from 10 bis 14 hrs; on Saturday 31 August, additionally from approx. 19 to 20 hrs for a public workshop performance

The Zürcher Theater Spektakel is realising a big three-week project with the French dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz. Instead of a venue, he will animate a part of the Landiwiese for the entire duration of the festival. For three weeks, the skeleton of a pavilion without walls and roof (design: Ralph Allan Mueller) will mark the open dance space, on which he will work with local and international dancers as well as with the audience and present a selected programme.

Having collaborated with the Musée de la danse at the interface of dance, visual art and theory for the past ten years, Boris Charmatz now wants to explore the possibilities of an ephemeral art institution that uses less resources. The project in Zurich is a kind of pilot for this endeavour. The venue is not manifested by a building but by an architecture of bodies. Charmatz deliberately exposes himself, the participants and the audience to the natural conditions of the Landiwiese and simultaneously lowers the threshold between the activities on the festival site and the performances in the various venues.

During the last week of the festival, Charmatz and his associated dancers will use the space on the Landiwiese for three workshops: one for professional dancers, one for children and one for interested amateurs. The workshop for professionals will be led by Boris Charmatz. On the last day, a public workshop performance will take place.

Information and conditions of participation

  • Administration fee: CHF 40.− (to be paid only after the confirmation of participation by the festival direction)
  • Participation on all four days is mandatory.
  • Travel and accommodation are at the expense of the participants. The festival provides a list of affordable accommodations.
  • The workshop is held in English.
  • All participants receive a festival pass enabling them to watch performances (if not sold out).
  • Further information on the Zürcher Theater Spektakel:


  • The registration is open to professional dancers from Switzerland and abroad
  • Send your CV including photo and links to dance/performance videos to
  • Deadline for registration: 31 May 2019

Confirmation of participation

  • The number of participants is limited to 30. The selection will be made by the festival direction together with Boris Charmatz.
  • The final confirmation of participation will be send approx. 3 weeks after the deadline for registration.

Boris Charmatz about the professional workshop

«Four days with four hours of work each seems a little short for a thorough work… But if we consider that it might rain during those days, it seems absolutely sufficient. I would be lying if I said that I have a clear idea of what we will do together. The workshop takes place at the end of our residency at the Theater Spektakel and it is likely that this particular situation will have an impact on our work. I would like us to create a kind of improvised performance which will be presented to the public on the last day. Yet the public can watch us from the very first day as we will be visible on the Landiwiese throughout the workshop.

When I started to teach I was trying to invent forms that would especially lend themselves to education. Today I prefer to do things that are closely connected with the «professional» performances I imagine. We will enter a creative process, try out a working method that is not too far off a choreographic piece, which often requires a lot more work. Like a rehearsal, in a sense, amounting to a public showing, but with the ease of a workshop and the liberty to leave and to forget the experience once it is over!

In parallel, two other workshops will take place, one for amateurs and one for children. This could prompt us to do something different that requires increased physical and technical input. The only thing that can be said for certain: This workshop is likely to be very intense in order to create «something» in just a few days.

I am looking forward to meeting you because this workshop is also an opportunity for me to get to work with artists I do not know (yet).» 

Boris Charmatz