Public survey 2017: The results

In order to assess the needs and opinions of our audiences, we conducted in collaboration with the market research of the Zürcher Kantonalbank another survey during last year’s festival, which was extended online until September 2017. A total of 1286 women and men took the time to answer the questions, many thanks for their efforts. In the meantime, the answers have been evaluated and the results are not only revealing but also very gratifying: The large majority of the respondents consider the Theater Spektakel an integral part of Zurich’s cultural offer, for three quarters it is even one of the cultural highlights. The programme, ticket prices, infrastructure and the overall appearance of the festival meet the approval of over 70%. A staggering 95% consider the prize-service-ratio of the gastronomic offer good to very good.

Apart from the overall positive feedback, we also received a series of suggestions, ideas and critical notes, which we are looking to implement over the years to come. On the wish list are things such as more parking for bicycles, more women’s restrooms, more explicit indication that admission tickets can also be used for public transport, less noisy street art and the return of waffles for dessert. The survey vindicates our efforts to present an exciting and stimulating artistic programme as well as to make a visit to the Landiwiese an overall attractive experience to as much people as possible.

What type of visitor are you?

If you are female, aged between 20 and 50, have a university or polytechnic degree, live in Zurich, visit the Theater Spektakel by public transport at least once a year, watch one to two performances, enjoy the festival atmosphere and the gastronomic offer on the Landiwiese and inform yourself on the programme via web you are in good company. Or statistically speaking: You are in line with the average of the festival visitors.

The evaluation of the festival audience resulted in three different types of visitors we could flippantly call «loungers», «theatre buffs» and «accidental visitors». The percentage share of 70% loungers, 20% theatre buffs and 10% accidental visitors confirm our present estimates. The three types visitor can be characterised as follows:

The Loungers: They visit the festival at least once a year in order to enjoy the specific festival atmosphere on the Landiwiese, the gastronomic offer and the street art together with friends or family. They attend not more than one performance, live in the city, arrive at the festival site by public transport or bike and inform themselves on the programme via web.

The Theatre Buffs: They visit to the festival several times each year. They equally enjoy the unique atmosphere as well as the gastronomic offer. As culture lovers going to the theatre once a month on average, they are also interested in the festival programme and attend an average of three performances, usually in the company of friends or partners. They live in the city, in its vicinity and neighbouring cantons and travel by public transport. They inform themselves on the festival via various sources (website, programme guide, word-of-mouth advertising, etc.)

The Accidental Visitors: They often end up on the Landiwiese by accident and often by themselves in order to meet friends or because they have heard about the festival. In general, they have an interest in culture and go to the theatre 7 to 12 times a year. They inform themselves on the festival programme on site and spontaneously attend one performance at most.