Fragility and Strength – Resilience in the Artistic Programme

Fragility, boundaries, the mutual dependence of individuals of communities are themes which run through this year’s international festival programme. Mónica Calle’s «Ensaio para uma cartografia», Dorothée Munyaneza’s «Mailles», Marina Otero’s «FUCK ME» employ an evocative group choreography that deals with pain and vulnerability and yet celebrates life, survival, resistance, emancipation and the synergy of bodies and voices. «Load?», the latest solo performance by the young Indonesian choreographer Ayu Permata Sari explores the themes of instability and endurance while in «Omni Toxica» the Columbian artist Paula Chaves Bonilla exposes the human body to the crossfire between neo-colonial necro-politics and western drug lifestyle. With the project «Arrivals + Departures», the artistic duo YARA + DAVINA create a multilayered space for reflection on the limitations of birth and death and the journey in between. The installation is dedicated to those departed or newly arrived amongst us and is an invitation to reflect on the Landiwiese or via the internet on experiences at the fringes of existence.